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Assault Mountain Badgers/Sturmberg Dachse

Teamleader: Miroslav Mašek
We are ordinary Czech Airsoft team. We live this sport. Play only in the Czech Republic. Regularly go on and Lizard Protector of environment in Afghanistan. According to German law is my team for hosting in Germany too young. But it here in the Czech Republic is no problem.
Gelände: North Bohemia, We are a team of Czech Cities Teplice.

Aktivität: wenig aktiv
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We hold a large number of war games. For most teams from area towns Most, Teplice, Usti nad Labem. We were able to most teams in the field merge into a community. Regularly max 1 for 14 days will meet 40-50 players. Their numbers are growing. At present, we have already established a partnership with two teams from Dresden. And we would like it to continue. Boundaries need not divide us. COMUNITY BUT MORE THAN 100 PLAYERS.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits an Spielern 60-80. Das letzte für 25 neue Freunde aus Deutschland. Dresden und Zittau. Wir freuen uns, dass so geht.

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