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Private Military Contractor

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Private military contractors or private military companies (PMCs) are companies that provide logistics, manpower, and other expenditures for a military force. Contractors are civilians authorized to accompany a force in the field and, generally, cannot be the intentional object of military attack (1949 Geneva Conventions). Contractors cannot be engaged in direct support of military operations (otherwise, they may be targeted). Some critics consider private military contractors to be mercenaries legitimizing their trade behind the veil of a corporate entity. There has been a recent exodus from many special forces across the globe towards these private military corporations. The United Kingdom Special Air Service, the United States Army Special Forces and the Canadian Army's Joint Task Force 2 have been hit particularly hard. Operators are lured by the fact that entry level positions with the various companies can pay up to $100,000 a year, which is 2-3 times more than what an average special forces operator is paid.

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