Gothic Serpent / Black Hawk Down airsoft MilSim event
Ort: Teplá 364 61, Czechia

18.07.2020 09:00 Uhr bis 18.07.2020 Uhr

When? July 17th - July 18th 2020
Where? Czech Republic / Tepla 
What? Black Hawk Down - based airsoft game with missions and dress codes adapted to the setting

Participation fee : 20,00€

Friday 17th July - early bird arrival / afternoon battledisplay photo session ( accurate loadouts only ), evening program - open air cinema, barbecue...

Saturday 18th July - 10.00 AM - ACTION!
Different missions based around Somalia / Mog 1993, fluent game with different chapters. Game ends all at once!
Common gathering after the game, tombola supported by Danner`s Army Shop

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Fractions description:

SNA - Somali National Alliance
Remember you are displaying African combatants of the year 1993! Leave anything modern at home, better use no field gear than modern or actual equipment.

Eastern bloc weapons or old Western models e.g. AK, G3, Dragunov, PKM, RPK, Uzi, MG42/3, FAL, K98, STG44... no tactical bling bling...

Magazin rules - General - NO HIGH CAPS! - Capacity rules depends on how many participants will join this fraction.

Worn out-civilian and old-fashioned clothes, old style camouflage allowed - only one piece ( jacket or pants ) DPM, M81 Woodland old surplus chestrigs or rucksacks, no modern equipment... No pakols - this is not Astan.

US Forces
75th Ranger Regiment
PASGT Helmet with 6col Chocolate Chip Cover, SWD
DCU - 3col BDU
Vests: preferably RBA! for Gameplay also other woodland vests for example PASGT allowed, black TG Faust
Desert Boots - preferably with Pamama cut soles
LC2 ALICE harness - see attached reference pictures
Details like fast rope gloves and SDU5E strobe...

1st SFOD-Delta
Full - or halfcut ProTec Helmet / black, SWD
TG Faust style vest or similar black vests
DCU - 3col BDU Raid mod if possible
Rig AWS Strike or similar combined with rigger belt
TP1E / Blackhawk Omega Vest
Desert Boots or black binds similar to Adidas GSG9

10th Mountain Division / USMC
PASGT Helmet with 6col Cocolate Chip Cover, SWD
DCU - 6col BDU
PASGT vest with 6col Chocolate Chip Cover
Desert Boots
LC2 Alice harness
ALICE Medium Packs

M16A2, M727, M653 (Delta Force), M733 (Delta Force), M723 (Delta Force), SAW MK1, M60, M9, M1911, M14/M21 no modern adaptions like EBR - for gameplay using M16A3, M4A1 both with carryhandle config and no Picatinny Rail are accepted. No tactical gimmicks!

If you have any questions, please write a comment or send a message - we will give you feedback asap...