RAGE Augsburg - MISSION DAYS 23.07.2016 + 24.07.2016 Airsoft Park Tirol / HD
Funny days @ Airsoft Park Tirol! Some gameplay footage from "Red Eagles Tirol" Event MISSION DAYS: 23.07.2016 + 24.07.2016 The MISSION DAYS Rule-Set required the SHOT or BANG Rule! We are very excited for the upcoming Event MISSION DAYS II by Red Eagles Tirol at 01.07.2017 and 02.07.2017 -Moonshine Visit our Sponsors: www.begadishop.de www.camostore.de Find us Online: https://www.facebook.com/RAGE-Augsbur... http://www.rage-augsburg.de/ http://www.forum.rage-augsburg.de/ Used Track: Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants (Daloops & Freejak Re-Slick)
von Ben Sharp - vor 5 Jahren - 60 Views