Dark Emergency 3 - Militia - Part 3
Third part of my Militia series from the Dark Emergency 3 event in Mahlwinkel, Germany. Event took place from May 7th to 10th, 2015 on the Airfield Mahlwinkel, Germany. Visit Airsoft Helden for more information: www.as-helden.de We played for the militia forces (blue). Other forces are the KGG (red) and the GOF (yellow). We are mostly there to ensure ongoing gameplay, that means KGG and GOF are able to form coalitions with us to get help in fight. Also we are used by ingame marshals to dissolve long going static warfare. As a nice sidekick, we are mostly enjoying role play with our enthusiastic friends from KGG and GOF :D . Filmed with Contour Roam 3, edited with Final Cut Pro X. Music from TerraSound.de: www.terrasound.de
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