Berlin Team looking for players (Internationals Welcome)
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Internationals welcome!

we are a new team from Berlin with 10+ players. We have new players as well as player with 10+ experience. Most players are in their 20s or early 30s.

This is the perfect team for you if you are motivated to play and a little tired of the typical German Airsoft teams or you just don’t speak German yet.

Some basic rules, which do not have to be met at the time of the Application:

  • Primary language is English.
  • We plan for every second Saturday.
  • You can participate in as many events as you like.
  • Multicam is mandatory.
  • No loud colours.
  • Radio is mandatory.
  • Helmet is favoured.
  • NATO Weapon is favoured.
  • We are non-political.

Just get in touch with me. @Nicolas S

We are still looking for players.

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Hi, I'm Interested. Is this still available?

Yes we are still looking. Just send me a private message. 

Hallo sucht ihr noch Mitspieler? 


We are still looking for members :)