Drunken Sheeps - English Speakers Wanted! Sachsen/Berlin/Brandenburg


we are looking for more people (18+) to join our Team: Drunken Sheeps

We are an relatively new team consisting of members from Saxony and Berlin with players of experience ranging from 1-8 years. We have people in the age of 24-40 from Germany, Venezuela, Romania, Italian and other countries in our Team, most of them living or working in Berlin.

We mainly play in Plessa or Harnekop but also attend bigger events like Bordwar, Dark Emergency and also plan to organize own events later. 

We translate game instructions of german events on-side to english and help you get around and also our team language is english. So if you moved from your country to Berlin, Dresden or wherever close to our game fields and want to attend some events or play airsoft again in germany, get in touch with us!

Check our Website: http://www.drunkensheeps.com


If you do not have gear yet feel free to also contact us, we have plenty of spare equipment that we can borrow you at a game to test it out including clothes, weapons and protection goggles (given you dont need normal glasses, then please get them yourself).


Besides playing we also actively try to help out field owners with maintainance work and generic support, so we expect you to not just join the fun part of playing but also helping us with construction work and organisation. Mainly in Plessa.

Hope to see you soon!

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Sheep - no matter how many, there are only sheep. ^^

Ick weeß, allerdings hat auch das historische Gründe und wir habens einfach beibehalten :P Im Suff vergisst man das ;-)