Operation Kandahar V
eingetragen von: [GSF] Yoda
Ort: siehe Karte im Airsoft-Verzeichnis

21.04.23 10.0 Uhr bis 23.04.23 12.00 Uhr

Milsim Event in Tschechien, mit Gear und Ausrüstungsvorgaben, seitens des Veranstalters.

Rebels have to strike and crush at all costs all efforts of the ISAF forces to control the province, to ambush convoys and last but not least to conquer and destroy the ISAF base. For these tasks they can use all means to succeed.
Mission pool contains various recon missions, assault operations, ambushes, base defenses, night ops and many others. But beware, it´s not just a shooting game, it´s precisely contrary – Operation Kandahar´s meaning is to simulate the reality of ISAF combat operations and clashes with well equipped, determined a top rebel movement.

max. Teilnehmer: +300
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