Fort Knox
eingetragen von: Mike Alberts
Ort: Koningshooikt

01.07.2018 10.00 Uhr bis 01.07.2018 16.00 Uhr

Fort Knox

A mix of CQB and woodland
150 players allowed to play on the field
Full auto allowed in the woodland
CQB Single shot only
Great field of an old WW1 fort, with tunnels

max. Teilnehmer: 150
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Aktuelle Infos
Gates are open at 08.30 hour
Gate closed at 09.15 hour
Start briefing at 10.00 hour
Lunch break from 12.15- 13.00 hours
End of game at 16.00 hours
No Smokes and thunderflashes allowed in the
Only Bio BB's from: 101 inc, Xtreme precision BIO,
Green Devil, PointBlank, Mimetix and HIDD Eco
Tracer BB's: GreenDevil and 101 inc.
Only Enola Gaye smokes are allowed
Pyro's forbidden
Oshiboom, tremors and more are forbidden due the enviroment regelations and permissions

FPS limits:
360 for AEG and Side arms
450 for DMR
500 for Snipers
€25 for players
€65 for rental kits

Adress: Donderheide 3, 2500, Koningshooikt
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Who are we: We are Chris and Mike. Together we are Crimi Events. We are almost 5 years an airsoft organisation. We have dutch players, german players and Belgium players. All players are welcome. Fair play is very important for us. Come out and see us on the playground. A liitle shop is on the field, with a large choice of patches, bb's, enola smokes and thunderflashes and lots more.