858 Airsoft Games [1-17-10] - Team Hammer (Head Cam)
Airsoft Field Game Day Sponsored and Coordinated by Team Hammer at Mr. Paintball USA, San Diego. Some highlights of Mixed MOUT Course, Hill battle, Assault and Defend, Team tournaments, and various game types. All hail Flail Zombie (over 20 melee kills). Shot with ContourHD camera using Goggle Mount. Fielded:G&P WOC "Noveske Nightmare" pre-build (complete build review coming soon) KSC-PGC G18C custom (video also coming soon). Music: Gran Turismo 4 Kicks Album 1. Alien VS The Cat - The Race 2. Quadra - Back on Track All stupid or inappropriate comments will be removed and may result in user being banned. Please use common sense. Kategorie: Sport Tags: * Airsoft * Outdoor * San Diego * Mr. Paintball * Mr. Paintball USA * Airsoft Field * MOUT * MOUT Course * CQB * G&P * WA * Western Arms * M4 * GBB * Gas Blowback * WA M4 * G&P M4 * M203 * Grenade Launcher * Western Arms M4 * ContourHD * Head Cam *

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