[ENG] Upgrading an F-stamped gun



I will be moving to Germany this year, and doing some research in advance. I am aware that I cannot bring my own (non-F-stamped) weapon with me, that the guns above 0.5J (and below 7.5) need to be semi-automatic, stamped with letter F, and basically bought in Germany.

What I am not so sure about is how you handle possible weapon-tuning. Don't take me wrong, I would be very glad if people played with base weapons in short ranges, but I am coming from a country where there are no official limits (only in specific playgrounds), and playing with 2+ joule weapons is pretty much standard.

I would expect that since you bought weapon that was tested and within limits, you can't officialy mingle with the weapon. However, I can see that the upgrade parts are being sold on German webshops, and even here on the forum is the weapon tuning discussed. How is that possible? Do you distinguish between FPS upgrade (new spring) and, for instance, new barrel?

Question n.2: In case it is indeed illegal to upgrade your guns, how is parts' replacement in case of damage handled?


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You can upgrade your guns as long as V0 < 7.5 Joules. Be aware of the fact, that playground areas might not allow such muzzle energies in Germany. Most of them have a limitation of around 1.7 Joules for AEG rifles. Normally higher energies are permitted for DMR or sniper rifles only. 

Replacement parts are not a problematic topic, but changing thrust method is a serious topic because it must be officially documented. E.g. if you want to turn your AEG into HPA thrust that is only allowed for professional such as licensed gunsmiths.

Thank you for the reply.

I am definitely not aiming for many joules, it will probably depend on the playground (Munich area). I am generally happy even with stock Marui guns as soon as I don't have range shorter by 20 metres than the rest of the players :)

So just to confirm: the F stamp is basically just for the "semi shooting" purposes, and as soon as you don't mingle with the selector plate you are good to do anything with the internals - within fps limits?

Thanks again

Orignal Replacement Parts for repair reasons are ok. All others theoretically not.
But from the practical side: if you don't change the Drive-Type (i.e. replace Gearbox with HPA System) no one will care about that. Outer Parts, like the Body are a little bit more delicate, because you have to keep the F.

Look at the rules of the Game-Sites you want to play and you will find the Limitations  of the Energy. Assault ranges between 1.5j and 2j usually, small grounds can also limit to 1j

Hi Simon,

contact a German gunsmith who can modify your gun to comply with German law, such as https://shop-gun.de/